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At the heart of CANSA Relay For Life is the opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors, to remember those who have left us and create awareness about cancer.

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*Important Announcement

The safety and health of our cancer patients, volunteers and staff is paramount.

As our most valued partner, we assure you that CANSA is taking all the necessary precautions to minimise the impact of COVID-19.  Cancer patients are among those at high risk of serious illness from an infection because their immune systems are often vulnerable.

Wear masks, Maintain Social Distance & Sanitise.

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Global Hero of Hope, Daniel de Wit talks about #CloseTheCareGap for World Cancer Day

CANSA Relay For Life Global Hero of Hope, Daniel de Wit talks about #CloseTheCareGap for World Cancer Day. CANSA Closing the Gap in Cancer Care


Message from Global Hero of Hope for #CloseTheCareGap for World Cancer Day

I am Helen Southey- I would like to close the gap so that every patient diagnosed with cancer receive the proper treatment, care and emotional support needed and that their families also receive the necessary support- May we all help to close the gap. CANSA Closing the Gap in Cancer Care


Cancer survivor, Elise Fourie: #CloseTheCareGap for World Cancer Day

Cancer survivor and CANSA Relay For Life Global Hero of Hope on #CloseTheCareGap for World Cancer Day CANSA Closing the Gap in Cancer Care  


Global Relay For Life Virtual Festival 2021

CANSA Relay For Life was honoured to participate in the Global Relay For Life Virtual Festival.
Watch the amazing videos and activities at the Global Relay For Life Virtual Festival.


CANSA 90 Years of Service

The National Cancer Association was established in 1931. Today, CANSA plays a leading role in cancer research and cancer control policy development, as well as providing care, support and education to South Africans affected by the dreaded disease. Watch some of the highlights in CANSA’s 90 years of service.


CANSA Relay For Life Launch 2021

In case you missed our launch view all the presentations for the CANSA Relay For Life Launch for the 2021/22 season


Join us for the CANSA Relay For Life National Launch

Join the One Team, One Dream, One CANSA Relay For Life Movement.
Join us for the CANSA Relay For Life National Launch 2021 and the announcement of the winning national t-shirt design.


Design Our CANSA Relay For Life T-Shirt!

Show us your best creative talents and design skills for a t-shirt that best represents our 2021 theme – One Team, One Dream, One CANSA Relay For Life.


“I love to make survivors feel special”

For me personally CANSA Relay For Life is a celebration of my life and makes me thankful for my health. As part of the Survivorship committee, I love to make survivors feel special even though they may do not feel well or ‘look good’. It has taught me to be positive, believe and fight back and I want to share this with the other survivors. It is also a time to thank our caregivers who sometimes are taken for granted and do not realise how “special” they are. Caregivers also suffer and battle in the fight against cancer with their loved ones.


“Thank you for preparing me”

If it had not been for the active role that I played in CANSA, it would have been much more difficult to accept and understand what my husband was going through. The staff partner at the CANSA Pietermaritzburg Care Centre had given so much support to me during my husband’s ordeal. She was the caregiver to the caregiver.


“It’s an honour to walk beside survivors”

CANSA Relay For Life gives us a chance to witness the journey that all of the cancer survivors and their caregivers are on and allows us the honour of walking beside many of them and meeting new survivors each year.
The camaraderie is phenomenal at CANSA Relay For Life!


“And today I am writing my story”

This diagnosis really made me think that I was going to die, but once I met my oncologist and his staff, I realized that this is the beginning of the rest of my life – and what an amazing story it turned out to be.
In the chemo room I met the true angels of the oncology centre – myself and the other cancer survivors were all in the same boat – and we became family during our individual journeys.


“My blessing was Relay”

My wife Anthea was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and underwent a left breast mastectomy.
She received treatment in Cape Town, approximately 150km from our home in Ceres. At the time we had two children at university and two more at school.
Although, we were very fortunate to have a medical aid, we still had financial constraints with all the travelling costs and so forth.


“Cancer changed my view”

After I was diagnosed, I didn’t really know what to do or expect as I didn’t know where to find info or who to turn to for help. A friend told me about CANSA Relay For Life and in the beginning I was very sceptical about having anything to do with it as my Cancer wasn’t something I wanted to talk about. I felt it was a personal thing and no one would understand.
I agreed to go to a survivor’s function to keep my friend happy and that was a turning point for me. Here I realized how many people was in the same boat as me and that there was an organisation that could help me with what I wanted to know. After my second Relay I decided I wanted to be a part in doing more to help educate and to help raising funds for CANSA.


“Cancer is not a death sentence”

Many of my family members had cancer and at CANSA Relay For Life we had the opportunity to honour and remember them. As a caregiver for many of them, I always wanted to make them feel that they are not alone and Relay For Life offered them that. It also creates the opportunity to raise funds for cancer awareness and education.
CANSA Relay For Life is a celebration of life and therefore spreads the message that cancer isn’t a death sentence and brings communities together.



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