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Share Your Relay Experience

Share Your Relay Experience

CANSA Relay For Life can be emotional, but also very inspiring. Please share your CANSA Relay experience with us.

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  • Josephine Daniels says:

    I have been invited to a CANSA relay last year or earlier this year at Hottentots Holland High school. I have just lost my sister in law who was diagnosed with stage4 cancer when she got ill on her 50th birthday. She is survived by her 2 children age 28 and 18. The 3 of us went and did not know what to expect. It was a very emotional moment for us and also a kind of closure but also confusing time for us. She did not even had the change to be a survivor.

    We decided that we will also this time have a tent and will do this event every year if God allows. I have contacted my friends and family when I heard that an event will take place on 12 and 13th October and they contacted their friends and family. with this chain we reached quite a few that wants to partake in this years event that we need to have a team of our own.

    I am so glad that I could be a small part to spread cancer awareness and also could reach out to friends and family which has lost adear one to cancer ad also for a few survivors to come on board. Some of them were a little shy or afraid to partake but God willing they also want to participate.

    Once again thank you to CANSA for their hard and dedicated work. I salute you.

    God Bless

    • Debbie @CANSA says:

      I’m so glad that this has been a meaningful and healing experience for you and that you want to include more people to raise awareness and comfort others who have lost loved ones to cancer. Please don’t hesitate to contact the CANSA Cape Metro Care Centre should you require any further support, as it is very hard to lose a loved one: 021-689 5347

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