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South African Global Heroes of Hope

Announcing the 2024 Global Heroes of Hope!

Michael Williams: Global Hero of Hope (Survivor)

“I want to give back to my community even more, and I started focusing on cancer awareness for men. ”

My cancer journey started two years ago. The day after Father’s Day, I fell ill and was rushed to hospital where I underwent many tests. I was diagnosed with lung cancer on 25 June 2021. I started chemotherapy on 16 July 2021 where I was taking 27 pills daily. I was fortunate enough to ring the bell, signaling the end of my chemotherapy, on 25 November 2021. On 13 January 2022, I was declared cancer free! Read more…


CANSA Relay For Life is a celebration of life and therefore spreads the message that
cancer isn’t a death sentence and brings communities together.

The Global Relay For Life Heroes of Hope are symbols of personal victories over cancer as they encourage, support and participate in Relay For Life and the mission of the cancer organisations. These exemplary cancer Survivors are not only willing to share the story of their own personal cancer journey, but are also willing to become a voice for cancer organisations and the life saving work they do in the fight against cancer.

Their leadership and determination help grow Survivorship Programmes, as well as Relay For Life. These heroes have lobbied governments and the United Nations for support, helped make the word “Survivor” a celebration of life, and created momentum for local events. They are true Heroes!

South African Global Heroes of Hope

Cancer Survivors inspire hope, courage and determination to fight cancer. South Africa is extremely proud of our Globally recognised Heroes of Hope – they are beacons of hope to all other cancer patients and Survivors in our country.  As a voice and ambassador of the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), they increase awareness of our organisation, its mission and grow CANSA Relay For Life participation. Their role is so important in leading other Survivors to step up and make a difference. Survivors have the power to save lives by sharing their story and demonstrating many ways to fight back.

Relay For Life welcomes our Heroes to the Global network of Heroes of Hope who are determined to make a difference in saving lives by sharing their story and leading the way. We are grateful for their volunteer efforts and support of CANSA.  Volunteers like this make a difference in the fight in reducing cancer risk and will give those on their cancer journey the opportunity to celebrate more birthdays.

“We are truly honoured to have these very special people being selected as our representatives in our country for CANSA and Relay For Life to spread the message of HOPE,” says CANSA CEO, Elize Joubert. “These people are the faces and voices of victory over cancer and reinforce why we do what we do on a daily basis.

Carrying a powerful testimony of survival and strength, these Global Heroes of Hope can spread the message of hope and courage to cancer Survivors worldwide. These extraordinary people serve as beacons of HOPE to all cancer patients and Survivors in our country.” concludes Joubert.

Congratulations on being selected as a Global Hero of Hope!

South African Alumni Global Heroes of Hope

As new Heroes are selected for the new year, the Heroes of the last year will be known as Alumni Heroes, “Once a Hero, always a Hero“. They will continue to represent CANSA, providing us with  a network of Heroes and a pool of ready speakers and leaders to inspire others.

Meet our Alumni Global Heroes of Hope:

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