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Once a Hero, Always a Hero – In Memory of Sister Lyn England

It’s with great sadness to announce the passing away of Sister Grace Lyn England on 12 January 2024.  She was involved with CANSA for over 30 years as a nurse, leader volunteer and Global Hero of Hope, as part of CANSA Relay For Life.  She was also a primary caregiver to her husband and father, who both lost their lives due to cancer.

Sister Lyn was active in the East London community and supported numerous cancer patients and their families with sound and educated advice. During that time, CANSA assisted with training courses and knowledge about cancer. The colleagues from CANSA in CANSA East London and other areas have always supported her on her caregiving journey and she spoke often of the appreciation and care that she received.  She helped many fellow colleagues to become volunteers for CANSA and encouraged them to join support groups. Together, they visited schools and businesses with cancer awareness presentations and entered homes in poor resource settings to tend to cancer patients.

Sadly, Sister Lyn was diagnosed with cancer (ovarian) herself just under a year before her passing.  She leaves a huge void in CANSA, and we share our deepest condolences to her two daughters, Wendy and Debbie and their children, loved ones, friends and colleagues.   We know she was well loved by all, and her vibrant and sunny nature is going to be missed! In loving memory always, Once a Hero, Always a Hero!


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