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“It’s an honour to walk beside survivors”

In loving memory: It’s with great sadness CANSA announces the passing away of Sister Grace Lyn England on 12 January 2024.  She was involved with CANSA for over 30 years as a nurse, leader volunteer and Global Hero of Hope, as part of CANSA Relay For Life.  She was also a primary caregiver to her husband and father, who both lost their lives due to cancer.

Lyn England – As a professional nurse, I have been involved in the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) for 29 years. I was permanently employed for 19 years, and since then I have been employed on a part-time basis. At the moment, I am a sessional nurse and am a trained lymphoedema therapist and geriatric nurse.

I have also been a primary caregiver to my husband and my father, who both lost their battles with cancer.

I had to get used to not making decisions for people, but rather listen, support, and then advise. I enjoy looking after the amazing cancer patients with all their trials and being able to give advice in different situations, be it family dynamics or emotional support.

I have also enjoyed going into the different communities, the rural areas, informal settlements, townships and learning the different cultures. It is not only the patient that we get involved with, but the whole family and sometimes the entire community as well.

CANSA has also been there to support me and I have been on as many training courses as possible, to increase my knowledge of cancer.

My colleagues in the CANSA East London Care Centre have always supported me on my caregiving journey and the appreciation and care that I have received is the reason why I have stayed with CANSA.

CANSA Relay For Life gives us a chance to witness the journey that all of the cancer survivors and their caregivers are on and allows us the honour of walking beside many of them and meeting new survivors each year.

The camaraderie is phenomenal at CANSA Relay For Life!

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