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“Together we can”

Ianthe Muller

Ianthe Muller – Global Hero of Hope 2019

We came together as a family and cared for my father after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was an honour to love and care for him at home and it eased the burden when he passed away.

CANSA gave us much needed advice, moral support and even medical equipment to help us cope with the challenges of caregiving.

When my niece was diagnosed with cancer, she started serving on the CANSA Relay For Life Welkom committee. It seemed natural that my husband and I, as business owners, also become involved and support CANSA and give back to the community.

Shortly after that, my husband Keith was diagnosed with colon cancer and then my sister underwent a double mastectomy following a breast cancer diagnosis.

After chemotherapy, radiation and surgery Keith went into temporary remission but sadly eventually lost his battle to cancer as well.

Like my sister, my husband and myself, not only supported CANSA Relay For Life Welkom but also participated as survivors and caregivers.

I participate in CANSA Relay For Life to show other survivors and caregivers that they are not alone and together we can.

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