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Mike Robinson: GHOH (Caregiver) – CANSA RFL gave us a new outlook and life

My journey started when my wife Adriana was first diagnosed in 1997. The diagnosis was a great shock, and I did not know how I will get through it. I realised that I must be strong for her, especially when she got so sick after her chemo. I had to help her with bathing, getting dressed, eating and so much more. Sometimes I did not know how to carry on, but with my faith and support from family, friends, church and CANSA it became easier and easier to care for her. Our children were still small, so we had to go on, as life goes on. Every day had its own challenges.  Some days were hard, and some days were better.

To see the one you love go through this is very difficult, but the day I married her it was to be through thick and thin. My wife is also a trooper, as she is very strong and went through cancer three times. She is also now in remission for 24 years. Our faith in God has helped us get through this. The support from our friends, family and CANSA also helped to make the road a little easier.

CANSA brought hope when there was none – and today we give back through our experience, being there as a caregiver to those who need us. For cancer survivors to Relay means that they have survived another year, and for me as caregiver, I Relay to give hope to others and the strength to go on. As husband and wife, we are able to help where we can and participate in the events. Our journey with CANSA and Relay For Life gave us a new outlook and life – and now we can strengthen CANSA’s hands and give back.  Thank you for the golden thread of people who give hope to all, when they want to give up.

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