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Angelique Nel: GHOH (Caregiver) – CANSA RFL has helped me and my family to have HOPE

“My daughter Chereez was diagnosed with stage 3 undifferentiated soft tissue sarcoma when she just turned three. I still remember the words when the doctor told us it was cancer – it cut through my heart as a hot knife through butter. I already started to think of what now, what is next, where do we need to go, what do we need to do? Not knowing anything about cancer at that time made me realize we needed to create awareness. Cancer as I knew then was diagnosed in older people not kids. I needed to create awareness around that myth.

During this time there was no time for crying, no time to stand still and feel sorry for yourself. My husband and I decided we will do anything it take to help our daughter beat this. I just started a new job at a new company as well and had to manage it too with everything else going on.  My husband and I became each other’s caregivers, supporting each other, and this time taught us to be caregivers to other parents. Every week, on Thursdays my husband and Chereez would go to the hospital to start the four-day chemo. He would stay there until Saturday morning, and I would then go to the hospital and stay until Sunday. Our journey with cancer prepared us to provide so much more to other parents, to create awareness and ensure that we are not influenced by the myths.

Now that my daughter is in remission, I want to help make a difference and help other families, give them knowledge to make informed decisions – knowledge I did not have three years ago. Helping people cope with emotions and assist them in having faith and that this road in front of them can be conquered. This inspired me to be part of CANSA Relay For Life.

CANSA Relay For Life has helped me and my family to have HOPE and to believe that you can fight this. By having this impactful event, honouring Survivors and Caregivers means so much to us and inspires us to inspire others around us. With this event we get to see our fellow survivors & caregivers and listen to each other’s journeys, and to make us stronger for our own journey. CANSA Relay For Life is spreading awareness! Relay gives hope to those that need it the most. There are not a lot of events that educate people – and knowledge is power. Relay provides the knowledge about cancer and life with and after cancer – this truly helps us as parents and caregivers cope with every day’s challenges. By educating we create awareness and receive fantastic support from communities.”


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