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“And today I am writing my story”

Lettie Korb: Global Hero of Hope 2020

Lettie Korb: Global Hero of Hope 2020

Lettie Korb – In May 2015 I felt a lump in my left breast. After contacting my doctor, I went for a mammogram and the lump was removed on the same day, and later that month I was told that I have cancer.

This diagnosis really made me think that I was going to die, but once I met my oncologist and his staff, I realized that this is the beginning of the rest of my life – and what an amazing story it turned out to be.

In the chemo room I met the true angels of the oncology centre – myself and the other cancer survivors were all in the same boat – and we became family during our individual journeys.

Once you have walked the cancer journey your attitude towards life changes completely – you have more empathy, it strengthens your religion, and makes you thankful for every new morning.

Whenever I would pass the chemotherapy room in Rosepark Hospital I would think to myself “how do these people live with cancer – because cancer is a death sentence”, and suddenly there I was sitting in that same room but today I am writing my story.

My cancer journey provided me with the opportunity to meet amazing people – my oncology team, fellow cancer survivors and the CANSA Bloemfontein Care Centre staff. It provided me with the opportunity to become involved with the CANSA Care Centre and CANSA Relay For Life where I proudly walk the track as cancer survivor and as caregiver – and through my Luminaria chair portfolio I can pay tribute to those currently battling with cancer, and those lives lost due to this disease.

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