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Adriana Robinson: GHOH (Survivor) – CANSA RFL gave me a platform to celebrate my survival

The rug was pulled from beneath me when I was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1997. I had a 10-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter, but fortunately I was blessed with the best man on earth.

It started with a small lump in my neck, that within two days became as big as my hand. My treatment started immediately with 6 red chemo’s. I felt like dying, but I have a good Lord. After completing treatment, I was in remission for 12 years. After that I was diagnosed again – but this time with a different kind of lymphoma. I went through all the treatments and chemotherapy for a second time.

8 Years later, I was diagnosed with lymphoma again. And again, I went through all the treatments. Every time I went through this, I felt like dying. I became very ill because of the chemo. But I thank the Lord every day for the partner I was blessed with for staying by my side through all this.

This year I celebrate being in remission for 24 years. I live a healthy lifestyle and do regular exercise. I have done the Meiringspoort marathon – twice the 12km and once the 21.1km. And through all this I have also been able to keep up my hairdressing business.

I lost my Mother, my Father and my Grandmother to cancer and was diagnosed three times myself, so I have a very special place in my heart for CANSA. I have been involved with CANSA Relay For Life since it started in Oudtshoorn many years ago. I also attended a CANSA Relay For Life in Swellendam. I am proud to have been part Survivor ceremony from the start of my CANSA Relay journey.

CANSA did not originally have a footprint in Oudtshoorn, but over the past few years the visibility of CANSA provided me with the opportunity to help the CANSA staff wherever I can. To bring awareness about the different types of cancers as well as that it can happen to anyone at any age. Being a cancer survivor provides me with the opportunity to interact with survivors and caregivers – and CANSA Relay For Life offers each one of us the platform to ensure that our stories are heard to assist others to make informed decisions.

CANSA Relay For Life gave me a platform to celebrate my survival. I have an opportunity to give back to my community through Relay For Life and other CANSA projects which are extremely rewarding. Through the support and training by CANSA I can make a difference!

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