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The Rise of Bothaville

Bothaville – About 600 community members joined hands showing a united front in the fight against cancer at the third annual CANSA Relay For Life Bothaville on 10 February 2017. This country themed event was very family orientated and created a sense of hope for the community.

The Survivors’ Lap was a celebration of life as the 30 Survivors accompanied by the committee, CANSA Global Hero of Hope and CANSA Staff members walked around the track. The Survivors who were unable to walk joined in the celebration as golf carts took them around the track.

The community cheered as the Caregivers Lap continued thereafter. Everyone applauded the Caregivers for the continued support and passion that they selflessly give to the cancer Survivors.

The lights dimmed and the venue fell into darkness for the Luminaria Ceremony. The journey of the CANSA Global Hero of Hope was read out. As the huge sign with the letters ‘HOPE’ lit up, with the stadium silent; everyone took a moment to reflect on the lives lost cancer.

The CANSA Community Mobilisers from Parys presented a great CANSA Mission Delivery message and displays.

At the Closing Ceremony, the Committee members thanked the 34 teams for their participation and the sponsors for the support of CANSA Relay For Life. The community members of Bothaville are looking forward to an even greater CANSA Relay For Life Bothaville in 2018.

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