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Survived, Survivor, Surviving and Living With Cancer – A Story of Hope

Jaiden 1As cancer survivors we celebrate life to the fullest. We live from day to day cherishing every moment. Why? Simply because – as cancer survivors – we have received an extended gift of life.  Another chance.

Please allow me to introduce to you my personal hero, a true warrior.  Four-year-old Jaiden le Roux, a survivor of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), is a young boy who fought the fight against cancer and won.  My, oh my, we need more heroes like him:  brave, full of courage and taking life’s storms as they come. What an incredible example of facing and overcoming his giants.

In August 2013, as I received the bad news that my CLL was back again, my thoughts turned to Jaiden, this brave warrior who survived and lives life to the fullest. I too will follow his example and stand up again and beat CLL again, no matter what it takes.  Thank you,  Jaiden, you have given me the strength, courage and hope to overcome.

Charl Cansa 2013 RelayDear friends, I do not know of your circumstances, I do not know if you have received a terrible prognosis, or if a family member or loved one is going through this battle.  All I can offer is support, advice, love and care in the form of CANSA. They give holistic care and support to cancer patients and their loved ones – from the time of diagnosis, through all phases of need, including survivorship.

I encourage you to get involved, perhaps as a volunteer. Here you will find abundant love, care and support second to none. A real family.  I did. I wish I had years ago. At the end of the day we still carry our own burdens, but with the wonderful family of CANSA staff and volunteers, this load and the road become so much easier to bear.

Peace and strength to you, as you stand brave.

Dr. Charles Pretorius

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