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South African Alumni Global Heroes of Hope 2013

Kedibone Bonoko – Global Hero of Hope – 2013

Kedibone Bonoko was diagnosed with cancer of the womb at the age of 30. When the gynecologist told her that she only had three weeks to live, her world came tumbling down. Today, Kedibone lives a positive life – her new career and lifestyle is surrounded by helping people living with cancer. She is now a CANSA Relay For Life Survivor Chairperson for Jeppe High School for Boys and the Relay For Life on Ice at Northgate. Read more…

Obie Woolward – Global Hero of Hope – 2013

When diagnosed with cancer, Obie Woolward’s children were only 9 and 13 years of age – they went with her that day. Ten days after her left mastectomy she was informed that she had Paget’s disease and had to undergo a second mastectomy within two days. She’s thankful for the wisdom to realise no matter how small her contribution towards life and fellow men are, a change in one person, is a change in the world. Read more…

Kobus Smit – Global Hero of Hope – 2013

Kobus Smit has a personal history with the disastrous effects of cancer on a family – having lost a father, mother and eldest brother all in one year to three different types of cancer. This motivated Kobus Smit to become a dedicated volunteer for CANSA. Eighteen years later, Kobus was diagnosed with cancer himself, in March 2008. This gave him a new understanding of this international number one killing disease and he became an even stronger campaigner for CANSA, becoming a full – time spokesperson and volunteer. Read more…

Didi CoertzeDanielle Didi Coertze –  “Fallen” Global Hero of Hope -2013

Danielle Didi Coertze from George was also selected, but sadly passed away in April 2012 at the tender age of 18. Danielle Didi Coertze – Our Youngest Hero of Hope. Despite being diagnosed with osteosarcoma (a type of bone cancer) in January 2011, Danielle made a conscious choice to live life to the fullest and reached one of her goals of attending her end-of-year school dance. Her motto used to be,“I deserve life, everyone in the world deserves the life they have and I will never let cancer take that away from me. I will be great in my life and I will never take my life or anything in it for granted.“ Read more…


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