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On Being a CANSA Volunteer – Elise Fourie

Albert Einstein said, “not everything that counts can be counted. And not everything that can be counted, counts”.

There are so many reasons for volunteering and none of it is about receiving a monetary reward.

Volunteering is, amongst others, about giving, contributing and helping other individuals and the community.

Volunteering is sometimes not about raising money for a good cause, it’s about making a difference, giving back to the community, it is helping not hiring, giving not taking, contributing not counting.

Being a CANSA volunteer, has been fulfilling.┬áBeing involved with the CANSA Relay For Life Corporate has been challenging, satisfying, exhilirating, humbling and gratifying. I’ve met wonderful people, survivors, caregivers, other volunteers, participants and entertainers. I have developed new skills, taken on new challenges and have learnt to keep many balls in the air. But most of all, I have experienced gratification at contributing to a global movement in an attempt to make a difference.

I am proud to be a volunteer for CANSA, it is gratifying to be associated with an organisation that is a leader in the field. I am equally proud about what CANSA stands for, what is achieved and when CANSA receives accolades.

Without volunteers, non-profit organisations will have difficulty in making a difference.

eliseVolunteer to make a difference and to experience the gratification.

Thank you for volunteering for CANSA Relay For Life,


Elise Fourie

CANSA Volunteer & Chairperson: CANSA Relay For Life Corporate

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