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There are a few misconceptions about CANSA Relay For Life. Let’s share some of those myths and crush them once and for all.

Feel free to design and create your own posters around these mythbusters to ensure everyone knows the real truth!

MYTH 1: I have to run at a CANSA Relay!

FACT: While we encourage physical activity in your daily life to stay healthy and prevent cancer, we DO NOT make you run at a CANSA Relay! PINKY PROMISE! Read more about what is CANSA Relay For Life.

MYTH 2: It’s just not my kind of thing!

FACT: Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way. 2 out of 3 women and 1 out of 2 men will hear the words “you have cancer” in their lifetime. Fighting cancer is definitely everyone’s kind of thing! Read more about Cancer Statistics in South Africa.

MYTH 3: CANSA Relay For Life is a big time commitment!

FACT: In most instances CANSA Relay For Life is a 12 hour event. Hang out at your local CANSA Relay For Life event for only 12 hours, once a year, as one community standing together in the fight against cancer. Read more about how you can get involved.

MYTH 4: I have to fundraise thousands of rands to attend a CANSA Relay!

FACT: Anyone is welcome at a CANSA Relay For Life (subject to Community Relay rules), regardless of fundraising. We do not expect you to raise thousands, although each and every cent will help support cancer patients and raise awareness about cancer. Read more about how your donation helps fight cancer.

Please share with us any other myth busters that you have found.

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