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Messages From CANSA Relay For Life Advisory Team To Volunteers

Riaan Loubser (Chairperson) Thanks CANSA Volunteers

35 Reasons to Honour Volunteers

Former CANSA Head: Sustainability: Maria Scholtz

Dear Relay For Life volunteers – …. The most inspiring souls!!! Chairpersons, sub-chairpersons, team captains and team members, cancer survivors and caregivers, sponsors and partners!!!

maria-scholtzSince the first CANSA Relay For Life event in South Africa, our CANSA Relay volunteers have been the backbone and the lifeblood of CANSA Relay For Life. You as our valued volunteers are our foot soldiers in the fight against cancer at every Relay For Life event in South Africa – making the fight against cancer a global commitment!

  1. You have hearts of gold and a sheer selfless sense of wanting to give back to the community. Your devotion and commitment is commendable!
  2. For some people, volunteering is about giving. But for the likes of you, it is a way of living. Thank you for your annual commitment to CANSA Relay For Life in your community! Read more…

On Being a CANSA Volunteer

Elise Fourie – Chairperson: CANSA Relay For Life Corporate

eliseAlbert Einstein said, “not everything that counts can be counted. And not everything that can be counted, counts”.

There are so many reasons for volunteering and none of it is about receiving a monetary reward.

Volunteering is, amongst others, about giving, contributing and helping other individuals and the community.

Volunteering is sometimes not about raising money for a good cause, it’s about making a difference, giving back to the community, it is helping not hiring, giving not taking, contributing not counting.

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Thank You From a Fellow Volunteer

Michelle Carless – CANSA Relay For Life Volunteer

15179021_10154709897558134_2197855166062559815_nThank you to each volunteer for your dedication, compassion and love for CANSA Relay For Life.

Without you,  CANSA Relay For Life would not be able to make the impact that it does in our communities, our country and globally.

For every moment that you put into CANSA Relay you are saying to a cancer survivor, “We celebrate you.”;

To a caregiver, “We salute you our unsung heroes”;

To someone who has lost a loved one: “We remember”; 
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