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35 Reasons to Honour Volunteers

Dear CANSA Relay For Life Volunteers – …. The most inspiring souls!!! Chairpersons, sub-chairpersons, team captains and team members, cancer survivors and caregivers, sponsors and partners!!!

Since the first CANSA Relay For Life event in South Africa, our CANSA Relay volunteers have been the backbone and the lifeblood of CANSA Relay For Life. You as our valued volunteers are our foot soldiers in the fight against cancer at every Relay For Life event in South Africa – making the fight against cancer a global commitment!

  1. You have hearts of gold and a sheer selfless sense of wanting to give back to the community. Your devotion and commitment is commendable!
  2. For some people, volunteering is about giving. But for the likes of you, it is a way of living. Thank you for your annual commitment to CANSA Relay For Life in your community!
  3. Wages in the form of love, perks in the form of hopes and promotions in the forms of blessings – seeing our survivors and caregivers walk the track at your event is your reward for volunteering with all your heart.
  4. You are proof that volunteers are people who don’t want to be thanked for helping others, but want to thank others for giving them the opportunity to help. God bless you.
  5. You may not realize this but you are the real life Superman in the lives of all the people affected by cancer. Thanks for volunteering.
  6. The wealth of love that you have amassed by volunteering will pay interest in the form of happiness for the rest of your life. Thanks.
  7. The youth is doing everything it can to be different, but few are doing everything they can to make a difference. Thanks for volunteering.
  8. If life was a Twitter page, #kindness, #benevolence and #compassion would be trending because of you. Thanks for volunteering.
  9. By choosing to work for us without a fee, you have proven that your time and talents are priceless. Thanks for volunteering
  10. You are a master of disguise – an angel on earth who no one can recognize. Thanks.
  11. By volunteering you have just given the most expensive and priceless gift anyone could have ever given – kindness and love.
  12. Most people just share quotes about kindness and generosity on Facebook. Thanks for walking the talk at your event every year.
  13. Your volunteer work has not given you money, but you have already gathered a lot of love and goodwill. Thanks for your help.
  14. Your acts of kindness are small, but the impact they will leave in the world will be is huge. Thanks for forming part of the Global Relay For Life volunteers.
  15. Great volunteers like you never want anything in return, but are always ready to do great things out of turn. Thanks for volunteering.
  16. In the day and age where greed is making everyone focus on getting and receiving, few angels like you are still committed to giving and helping. Thanks.
  17. Volunteers like you are a ray of hope for those whose lives are plunged in the darkness of despair due to cancer. Thanks.
  18. If the world becomes a better place tomorrow, it will happen because of volunteers like you. Thanks.
  19. Volunteering will not make you a millionaire money-wise, but it will make you a billionaire blessings-wise. Thanks.
  20. Volunteers like you should take birth in this world by the dozen, for your kindness makes you one in a million. Thanks.
  21. Hope for mankind’s brighter future lies in selfless acts of giving and volunteering… like the ones done by you.
  22. Everyone leaves behind footprints in the sands of time, but your footprints will be engraved on the CANSA Relay Track in your community for future generations to follow.  Thanks for volunteering.
  23. You won’t look back on your laurels as much as the amazing experience you created for CANSA Relayers at your event. Thanks for volunteering.
  24. Real life lessons don’t lie in books, but in working with selfless people like you. Thanks for volunteering.
  25. The size of your heart and will to help, is more important than the size of your wallet. Thanks for volunteering.
  26. Volunteering is one of the few jobs in the world which will reap rewards until you die – in the form of blessings. Thanks.
  27. Thanks for volunteering and giving our organisation the most precious thing you will ever own – your time and talent.
  28. Thanks for helping us make a difference. People like you should volunteer in abundance.
  29. What goes around, comes around… And going by the kind of effort you are putting in to volunteer, life is set to give you the sweetest rewards. Thank you.
  30. Versatile, Optimistic, Lovable, Understanding, Nice, Talented, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Resilient – that is the kind of amazing volunteer that you are. Thanks.
  31. Volunteers like you are soldiers of an imaginary army secretly joining hands enabling us to imagine a world without cancer. Thanks.
  32. Thanks for being so caring, thanks for being so loving. Thanks for being so helpful, thanks for being so thoughtful. Thanks for being so selfless, thanks for volunteering… your actions are priceless.
  33. Volunteers like you prove that the only right way to live, is to constantly sacrifice and give. Thanks for volunteering.
  34. The only way to become smarter, better, happier, livelier and wiser, is to help others – just like you have.
  35. Every effort you have made will go towards building the foundation of someone else’s life. Thanks for working hard as a CANSA Relay For Life volunteer.

We truly appreciate you – our amazing and loyal purple army soldier!

Thanks to you we are painting the world purple – creating HOPE!


With sincere appreciation


Former Head CANSA Sustainability

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