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CANSA Relay Advisory Team Member & Volunteer Thanks Fellow Volunteers

Thank you to each volunteer for your dedication, compassion and love for CANSA Relay For Life.

Without you,  CANSA Relay For Life would not be able to make the impact that it does in our communities, our country and globally.

For every moment that you put into CANSA Relay you are saying to a cancer survivor, “We celebrate you.”;

To a caregiver, “We salute you our unsung heroes”;

To someone who has lost a loved one: “We remember”;

And to a community, “Let’s stand together and fight back against this dreaded disease that tears families apart.”

Most importantly we bring that glimmer of hope that together we can eradicate this disease and together we will celebrate more birthdays.

CANSA Relay For Life volunteers: That makes you very special and there are simply no words to say but thank you for being absolutely amazing and making each CANSA Relay For Life experience unforgettable.

15179021_10154709897558134_2197855166062559815_nHappy Volunteers Day!



Michelle Carless

CANSA Relay For Life Volunteer

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