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Annual CANSA Relay For Life Awards

Relay For Life (RFL), as our flagship project, is in its’ seventh year of partnership with the American Cancer Society (ACS). We’re very proud to be rated in the top 3 out of 20 international cancer organisations participating in RFL.

Why We Give RFL Awards

Continuous training courses were held in many communities all over South Africa for novice, as well as second-year and well-established committees. The focus is placed on the six developing areas – team, survivor, leadership, mission delivery or health education, fundraising and event development.

One of the global (including South Africa) challenges facing RFL, is to retain volunteers as committee members, ensuring continuity and maintaining the experience and skills previously developed.

The CANSA RFL awards – which were presented at the RFL Summit – are designed to recognise and applaud International Relay best practices.  CANSA and the American Cancer Society value the opportunity to formally recognise the amazing job that Relay volunteers and staff are doing and the role they play in the global fight against cancer.

With the growth of the Relay movement and more events exceeding the standards, awards were presented to the best Relay in each category in every business unit. Despite the tough economic times marked by a decline in the average financial contribution towards non-profit organisations, the hearts of people and corporate companies have remained open to help fight cancer in South Africa.

CANSA placed special emphasis on strengthening our partnerships in the corporate environment. CANSA Relay For Life remains one of the largest platforms for mobilising volunteers and public in South Africa. We thank all the staff and thousands of volunteers that worked tirelessly to make this national project successful.

RFL Award Winners 2011 – 2012:

RFL by Numbers (March 2012):

  • Events Held: 79 (2011: 57)
  • Total Participating Teams: 3 736 (2011: 3 405)
  • Total Novice Events: (1st time held): 23 (2011: 19)
  • Total Survivors Participated: 4 095 (2011: 3 964)
  • Total Income Raised: R12 764 217 (2011: 8 993 981)

Queries RFL

Find out how you can be a part of RFL and honour those affected by cancer. See how funds raised for RFL are used to fight cancer in SA. Please direct any queries to or phone our toll free call centre on 0800 22 66 22.

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