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What is Relay Recess?

CANSA Relay Recess brings education and community service to your child’s classroom in a fun and exciting way that also allows students to help save lives from cancer.

Relay Recess is a primary school initiative.

Through a Relay Recess program, your child will learn about cancer and steps they can take to reduce their risk of developing the disease and stay well. They’ll also have the chance to get out of the classroom and have fun with entertainment and activities that reinforce what they have learned in school.

Participating in the Relay Recess program benefits your child by:

  • Engaging them in community service activities;
  • Teaching them habits that will enable them to lead healthy lives;
  • Linking their fundraising efforts to how it will make a difference in their community through CANSA services and programs;
  • And unifying their school with their community for a common goal.

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