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Team Members

All successful Relay For Life events have one thing in common: Teams!

What is a team?

A team may consist of ten to fifteen people representing their place of employment, neighbourhood, school, place of worship, family or community organisation.

The Team Captain is an extremely important person who leads the team. An enthusiastic and dedicated Team Captain is vital to the success of any Relay.

The Team Captain is responsible for actively recruiting team members and encouraging team members to raise funds. The Team Captain also assists the team in coordinating all the team activities, the team themes and campsite activities; as well as the logistics of the team at the actual event.

Team Registration Fee

Teams must pay a registration and commitment fee.  The commitment fee covers the costs of printing of the registration materials and other event overhead costs.

The more teams participating in a Relay, the more successful the event will be. Although Relay For Life is about celebrating life and not finances, it is still important to remember how the funds raised are used to save lives.

Successful recruitment of team members not only create future team captains, committee members, community marketers, but also contribute to a successful Relay For Life.

Relay For Life is open to all members of the community and everybody can participate to alleviate the cancer burden in South Africa.

Remember: It is YOUR Relay!

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