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South African Alumni Global Heroes of Hope 2012

Jana du Plessis– “Fallen” Global Hero of Hope – 2012

26 Years old with a passion for sport and provincial colours in netball, athletics, biathlon and long distance running and beautiful 3 month old baby girl – life could not be more perfect. After her daughter was born she went in for an operation which was sport related when they discovered clear cell sarcoma in her ankle. Her prognosis was not good as this type of cancer was scarce and very aggressive. Read more…

Thembi Ngwenya – Global Hero of Hope – 2012

26 Years old, mother of a beautiful 8 month old boy and 10 year old girl, and foster parent for  her sister’s 10 year old daughter, Thembi heard the devastating news that like her mother she had cancer. Her thoughts were: “Am I also going to die?“ Three years ago Thembi was diagnosed with Kaposi Sarcoma. Read more…

 Rita Naidoo – Global Hero of Hope – 2012

When Rita Naidoo’s greatest nightmare became reality, she did not let it slow her down. Instead, her life has never been busier. Nine years after being diagnosed with cancer, she knows full well how blessed she is to be alive. At the time of her diagnosis, Rita was only 33 years old and in the prime of life with young children and a beloved husband. The future often seemed terribly bleak and without meaning to her. Read more…

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