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Team Fundraising

General Guidelines

Did you know?

Team and individual fundraising efforts make up a very large percentage of CANSA Relay For Life income. (Fundraising by teams, either prior to the event or on–site at the event, generates about 85% of CANSA Relay For Life income.)

You may begin your fundraising campaign once you have registered your CANSA Relay For Life team.
We would like to make every Relayer successful at fundraising by inspiring, educating and providing the necessary tools to equip teams with fun, interactive fundraising ideas.

We would also like to provide every community the opportunity to donate and thereby empower people to join us in the fight against cancer.

Please contact your CANSA Relay For Life Committee or CANSA Staff Partner for more fundraising ideas, guidelines and support.

Fundraising Tips

To succeed in fundraising it is very important to be motivated and set yourself goals – Most people involved with CANSA Relay For Life have been touched by cancer, so they are naturally motivated.

Funds raised through CANSA Relay For Life support research, educational programmes and CANSA’s unique, integrated service to those affected by cancer. Your fundraising efforts are making a difference in the fight against cancer.

Team Fundraising

We have learned from top teams across the country that you can make any type of fundraiser successful by applying the following strategies:

  • Understand your community and target audience and try to identify something that may be of interest or value to them. For example, for a country club community: champagne cruises, wine tasting or a social at the club might be the most effective; or for shift workers at a factory, a “free paid day off” chance raffle might be more effective.
  • Advertise the fundraiser well – the more people who are aware of it, the greater the likelihood of success.
  • Undertake the fundraiser with great enthusiasm (it is contagious).
  • Pursue fundraising activities on a year-round ongoing basis.

On-site Fundraising

Teams are encouraged to raise money at their campsites at the actual CANSA Relay For Life event.

Aim to raise the majority of your goal prior to the event. Teams are encouraged to do on-site fundraising at the event, but it should not take the place of pre-event efforts.

The idea is to create a game or activity or have items donated as prizes. Your team members then have to promote your on-site activity to raise more money for your team.

Be creative, use your theme. These on-site activities are included in the programme book at some Relay events, so share your ideas at team meetings.

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