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Heroes of Hope: Profiles of Courage

The International Relay For Life Heroes of Hope are a highly visible symbol of a personal victory over cancer as they encourage, support and participate in Relay For Life and the mission of the cancer organisation. These are exemplary cancer survivors who are not only willing to share the story of their own personal cancer journey, but are also willing to become a voice for cancer organisations and the life saving work we do in the fight against cancer.

The past two years has introduced us to 55 International Heroes of Hope from around the world. They exemplified leadership and determination to help us grow our survivorship program, as well as Relay For Life. These individuals have lobbied governments and the United Nations for support, helped make the word “survivor” a celebration of life, and created momentum for local Relay programmes. They are true Heroes!

As new Heroes are selected for 2012-2013, the Heroes of last year will be known as Alumni Heroes, “Once a Hero, always a Hero”. They will continue to represent our organisation, providing us with  a network of Heroes and a pool of ready speakers and leaders.

You are invited to submit nominations for 2012-2013 Heroes of Hope – Complete submissions (all 4 steps below are completed) to be submitted by no later than 1 March 2012 to

As you go through the selection process, please take time to explain to your cancer survivor their role and responsibilities as a Hero of Hope. It is very important that the 4 steps below are accomplished for a submission to be complete:

  1. Explain to the nominee what the program is about, as well as their roles and responsibilities.
  2. If necessary, assist the nominee in completing the nomination and biographical form to ensure each item is clear and complete. Incomplete forms will not be considered for selection.
  3. Create seperate profiles for each nominee. Profiles must include the nominee’s Relay For Life participation and involvement with the organisation. (This should be returned in Microsoft Wordand returned by the deadline.
  4. Provide 2 high quality photos of the Hero. As the photo will be used in their profile, please do not provide any group photos. Please note that generally photos copied from Facebook are not high enough quality to use for our purposes.

Read more about Heroes of Hope roles and responsibilities; Heroes of Hope expectations and IRFL country’s responsibilities.


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