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The responsibility rests with patients to contact CANSA for assistance. Read more...

Types of Relays

Types of Relays

Because there are so many people who want to be involved in the CANSA Relay For Life movement, we offer a little something for everyone. By offering more events, we magnify our reach by rallying more communities to fight back against cancer. Find out more about the variety of CANSA Relay For Life events available, and then search to see which ones are offered in your community.

EventCANSA Community Relays

At our community events, teams camp out at a school or sport ground and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Events are overnight and up to 24 hours long, and because cancer never sleeps, each team has at least one participant on the track at all times. Each team participates in fundraising in the months leading up to the event. Read more…

CANSA Corporate Relays

CRFL2015-2692 CANSA Relay For Life Corporate aims to bring awareness of cancer to the corporate companies and businesses, in this manner involving everyone in the fight against cancer. CANSA Relay For Life Corporate affords companies and businesses the opportunity for branding, fun and team building, as well as the opportunity to fulfil CSR requirements. Read more…


CANSA Bark For Life

Dogs are members of the family too, and to many of our cancer survivors – they are caregivers. Canine companions give unconditional love, joy, security, compassion and no judgement to cancer survivors’ abilities or appearances.

Families and their dogs come together for a few hours during the day and complete a 1.6km walk to honour the care giving qualities of our canine companions (Best Friends) supporting cancer survivors. Read more…

Celebrate – Remember – Bark Back!

20140307_091351CANSA Relay Recess

Because KIDS can make a difference – Helping schools be healthy and cancer-smart

CANSA Relay Recess is a extension of CANSA’s Relay For Life which brings education and community service to your child’s classroom in a fun and exciting way that allows scholars become healthy and cancer-smart. Through a CANSA Relay Recess programme, your child will learn about cancer and the early warning signs of the disease, while they have the chance to get out of the classroom and have fun. Read more…

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