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In the news: I stopped worrying about tomorrow

Published in DAILY NEWS (02 Feb2012, p10)

When Rita Naidoo discovered a painless lump in her breast while in the shower nine years ago, she was concerned but not too alarmed.

At 43, Rita, unit manager at Life Westville Hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation ward, was also in peak health, having just completed a qualifying 21km run for the Comrades marathon.
She knew she had to have the lump checked, however, was referred to a surgeon who did a biopsy to test for cancerous cells. It was then that she was given the sobering news that she had breast cancer.

Read the full Daily News article here.

Today, Rita is an ambassador for the International Cancer Association and last year became an International Hero of Hope for her work in promoting and organising the Durban CANSA Relays for Life.

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