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CANSA Relay Recess

CANSA Relay Recess

How can your children make a difference in the fight against cancer?

CANSA Relay Recess – Helping Schools Be Healthy and Cancer-Smart.

20140307_091351CANSA Relay Recess is an extension of CANSA’s Relay For Life, which brings education and community service to your child’s classroom in a fun and exciting way while teaching scholars How to become healthy and cancer-smart.

Your child will learn about early warning signs of the disease through a CANSA Relay Recess programme and they have the chance to get out of the classroom and have fun as well.

CANSA Relay Recess helps raise funds that support CANSA Unique Role & Service Delivery, and it also teaches primary school scholars to make healthy choices about nutrition, physically activity, safety in the sun and tobacco use.

Cancer education is essential at Primary School because the good habits that children learn at a young age stay with them as they grow.

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