CANSA Relay For Life

Fight Back

Before Relay

Be sure to come to Relay prepared! Here is a quick list of things that all Teams should be sure to have ready for Relay For Life…

  • Tent(s) for your campsite.
  • Extra clothing for weather changes (ponchos, jackets, sweats, coats, t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, etc).
  • Pillows and sleeping bags.
  • Campsite decorations.
  • Team banners and branding.
  • Costumes.
  • Supplies needed for your On-site fundraising.
  • Wagon or dolly (something to haul heavy all of your supplies to and from the campsite).
  • Money!!
  • Walking / running shoes.
  • Folding chairs and tables.
  • Stick lighters (to light luminaria bags).
  • Scissors, pocket knife, hammer and tools for random tasks.
  • Campsite map (provided by the committee).
  • Activity schedule.
  • Your team!


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